About Steve

SteveLittle-ThePerfectBizFinderAs a dedicated husband and father, champion athlete, author, skilled craftsman, accomplished musician, and acclaimed veteran entrepreneur, I understand the critical importance of finding and designing your business or vocation so that it serves and delivers the achievement of the all the things you are purposefully committed to accomplishing in ALL areas of life.

I regularly advise business owners and help early stage entrepreneurs, established business owners and corporate leadership teams overcome the myriad of complex challenges they face to develop breakthrough strategies, secure a commanding advantage, build fast-growth companies and win big in business and life.

My mission, my purpose, my unwavering commitment is to help you enjoy owning the wildly successful business success of your dreams.

I have been building successful businesses for nearly 4 decades. In that time, I’ve enjoyed a multitude of successful ventures of virtually all kinds. Everything from my first commercial venture at the age of 13, which sold a few years later for a handsome 6-figure sum, to successful venture capital backed software companies which I helped grow to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, produce dramatic returns for investors, employ thousands of people world-wide. I’ve built just as many wildly successful home-based, lifestyle businesses too.

Throughout the past 10 years I’ve personally coached hundreds of business owners, executives and corporate leadership teams to astonishing levels of personal and professional success.

I am a highly sought-after business success leader, adviser, mentor and coach. I am recognized as one of the leading experts in developing peak individual and team performance.

I’ve learned a thing or two about success and how to achieve it. And now, I’ve made it my personal mission to share what I know about success in business (and in life) with you.

About ThePerfectBizFinder Program

ThePerfectBizFinder Program is a self-paced home study program that guides self-starters through a step by step process that results not only in a business that delivers what you want, but equips you with the advantage-making mental skills and disciplines necessary to achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible.

This program empowers you with the skills, techniques and disciplines necessary so you can find (or transform) and build the wildly successful business of your dreams; one that truly delivers the lifestyle and financial rewards they’ve always dreamed of, and enjoy the certainty of success.

I am very proud to report that, in this very short period of time, these two program have helped tens of thousands of people find and build astonishingly successful businesses.

So, you now know a little about me, my mission and my success intentions for you.

I wish you the best as you pursue your dream of finding and building the wildly successful business of your dreams and I sincerely appreciate the privilege of the opportunity to help you along the way.

Thank you for your continued interest.

I am standing for all that’s possible for you in life and business.

Sincerely and Gratefully