Refund Policy

ThePerfectBizFinder Program (Program) is a structured program designed to lead participants through a proven well defined step-by-step process of self study and development and is guaranteed to reveal the critical attributes necessary for a business to deliver the desired success opportunity.

The Program includes the digital download and completion of multimedia assignments scheduled throughout a prescribed program period. The elements of the Program include:

ThePerfectBizFinder Program Manual
ThePerfectBizFinder 22-Part Audio Training Series
ThePerfectBizBuilder Membership Community

Participants are free to access these resources at will and complete the program at their own pace.

ThePerfectBizFinder Program Refund Policy provides for refunds in the event that, following diligent effort and use of all Program elements and completion of all Program assignments on the part of the participant, the Program does not deliver a designed.

Program Refund Requests:

Program Refund requests by a participant will only be considered when made in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Program refunds will only be considered if accompanied by “best-effort” evidence to Program completion.
  2. The Program utilizes readily available and pervasive software and web access applications. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they possess the required software and hardware specifications in order to access and read our products. In the event that technical issues hinder or prohibit access to the Program elements, the participant is responsible for reporting the issues to ThePerfectBizFinder Customer Care system where it will be promptly resolved. If the technical issues persist and prohibit access to the Program a refund will be considered if requested.
  3. Under no circumstances will a Program refund be considered if made beyond 60 days of purchase.

Program Membership Refund Requests:

Purchase of the Program includes the first 30 days of membership into ThePerfectBizBuilder (TPBB) Membership Community. Following the initial 30 day period, membership automatically renews on the anniversary date of the initial purchase at the then published monthly rate.

TPBB Membership Community participation can be canceled at any time through ThePerfectBizFinder Customer Care Center.

Refunds for TPBB Membership renewal fees will be only considered in the event that the fee was processed in error following a Participants recorded cancellation request.

If you have questions or concerns about ThePerfectBizFinder Refund Policy, or if you wish to be considered for an exception, please send an email to ‘‘.